The rapidSTORM project is an open source evaluation tool that provides fast and highly configurable data processing for single-molecule localization microscopy such as dSTORM. It provides both two-dimensional and three-dimensional, multi-color data analysis as well as a wide range of filtering and image generation capabilities.

rapidSTORM is currently available in two versions: rapidSTORM 2 is the current stable branch, where only outstanding bugs are fixed, while rapidSTORM 3 is the unstable development branch with an improved user interface and simplified technical deployment.

News, updates and discussion

You can track announcements, news and new releases for rapidSTORM by subscribing to the rapidstorm-announce mailing list. This list is very low volume (typically less than one mail per month) and read-only. Your questions, feedback, and discussions about rapidSTORM are very welcome on the rapidstorm-discuss list.


The online manual is at https://storage.googleapis.com/rapidstorm/doc/index.html.

Download and installation

rapidSTORM features